If your organisation is energy-conscious and you seek energy price stability, reduced energy costs with a lower carbon footprint, we can provide you with fully-funded, fully-maintained Solar PV solutions that can help improve your bottom line.

For clients interested in increasing renewable energy use, SSE Energy Solutions offers fully-financed solar solutions where we develop, build, own, operate and maintain solar systems. Zero carbon energy is then provided to you at no upfront cost – simply charged under a fixed term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA). We utilise onsite space such as car park canopies, vacant ground space, or roof-tops to deploy Solar PV and create value from underutilised assets. If you don’t have available onsite space, we can secure offsite land, delivering energy through a private wire or from a remote solar facility via the grid. Our whole system capability means we can integrate solar generation with a wider range of complementary distributed energy solutions, bespoke to your site requirements and ensuring your energy resources are fully optimised for cost, efficiency and carbon reduction. Our typical PPA structure is a fixed, inflation-linked tariff for the energy generated over a 15-25 year term. However, as we understand that each customer’s needs are unique, we are open to a range of contract structures and seek to find the optimal solution for you. SSE Energy Solutions is constantly exploring opportunities to grow our solar PV portfolio, offering partners opportunities to work with an experienced and trusted company that holds sustainability and safety at its core. If you are an organisation, landowner, or developer who would like to learn more about partnering please contact us.


• SSE will develop a proposal for a solar system to unlock value from unused space such as roof tops, parking lots, or ground spaces. • We will provide a full site desktop assessment to outline an optimal Solar PV solution based on your energy consumption and site constraints. • We will assess opportunities to integrate the solar system with other energy solutions that may further benefit you.


• Offsite systems can be preferable to allow for increased generation capacity. • SSE will build, own, operate, and maintain generation facilities between 1-50 MW on nearby land, connecting the Solar PV system to the premises via a private wire connection. • SSE will source, secure, and develop suitable sites nearby – undertaking all risks and the costs associated with doing so.

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