Battery storage and solar PV technologies will play a vital role in decarbonising the power grid across the UK and Ireland.

Our distributed energy team in SSE Energy Solutions are working with landowners and developers to identify new sites and grid connections to grow its battery storage and solar PV pipeline. SSE is a leading renewable developer in the UK and Ireland and, as such, we understand the challenges landowners and developers face in this rapidly changing sector. You’ll be partnering with a low carbon energy FTSE100 company with the proven experience of delivering projects at scale with safety and sustainability at its core. SSE’s distributed energy team has recently purchased the project development rights for its first 50MW battery storage asset on a consented site in Wiltshire, from Harmony Energy Limited. The project will help deliver essential balancing services to the energy system.

We have a team of developers, engineers, and energy service professionals actively growing our battery storage pipeline with around 500MW of early stage opportunities in the pipeline. If you are a landowner or a developer who would like to learn more about partnering with us, please contact us.

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