Energy infrastructure and smart platforms Increased connectivity and technology can make our day-to-day life more efficient, sustainable and safe, delivering ‘smart services’ that drive down cost and improve efficiency. ‘Smart’, to SSE, means connecting assets together to enable the gathering of large data and providing insights to help deliver customer outcomes.

Utilising these tools, we can work in partnership with you to develop, fund, own and operate innovative, sustainable and smart solutions for cities and places – understanding your challenges and goals, building the commercial models and the required delivery teams, bringing in funding and partners where appropriate.


• Smart Cities, Places and Building Platform | combine energy assets and load data, both standalone and connected in buildings; optimise energy usage and maximise local renewable energy generation potential; extend over time to include other smart, connected devices to drive net zero • Mayflower Smart Lighting | drive decarbonisation of key city and place energy usage through targeted dimming of street lighting • SSE Sentinel | deploy vehicle and footfall classification and counting to provide insight for air quality improvement and optimised EV charger point planning • SSE Enhance virtual power plant | generate revenue, minimise cost and carbon across entire energy systems encompassing smart energy infrastructure, connected energy assets and smart energy buildings

• Smart Buildings Platform | combine meter and BEMS data with additional sensor data to provide a truly smart and optimised building • SSE Enhance –generate revenue, minimise cost and carbon, using smart building data to trade energy flexibility from connected assets (solar, storage, EV, HP, CHP, etc) and energy load

• Data Collection and Data Aggregation delivering robust data


• Business Energy Intelligence for analytical insights

• Smart Grid for dynamic management

• SSE Enhance for trading energy assets and flexibility

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