Innovative, integrated Building Energy Management solutions.

Optimal Insight is a complete cloud-based energy optimisation package, designed to give you a real understanding of how your energy is consumed and then empower you to fully engage in close monitoring and intervention targeting which reduces the risk of expensive failures and downtime. Optimal Assist is a remote alert-and-assist service designed to be the most effective way of avoiding or fixing critical problems with the equipment in your buildings to give you peace of mind. Optimal Control uses detailed site analysis to indicate how each of your BEMS controls is performing and fine tunes the system to improve the overall performance, creating a perfected built environment. Enhanced business intelligence Your BEMS generates the information you need to plan even more savings through equipment upgrades, improved working practices and longer equipment life cycles. Early diagnosis of faults reduces the risk of expensive failures and downtime. Data analysis improves awareness of the performance of plant, machinery and network connected devices, including where appropriate, solar generation and behind the meter battery storage. Whether you’re a BEMS expert designing systems for your clients, you’re involved in system or service procurement or you’re a client looking for a complete solution, our expert team is here to help.

SSE Energy Solutions’ Smart Buildings team provide Building Energy Management System (BEMS) design, operation and maintenance services for new buildings, major refurbishments, or retrofitting into existing buildings. The system controls and monitors all the essential power, heating, ventilation and cooling (HVAC) plant and equipment that ensure the building continues to run efficiently, safely and comfortably. Moreover, sensor technology is moving apace and with wireless connection of additional IoT devices, it’s now possible to have even smarter dynamic estate monitoring and control, based on real-time building occupancy and other usage and performance metrics to improve energy and cost efficiency, whilst also improving staff well-being. Our breadth of technical expertise covers all the main BEMS platforms in the UK, including Siemens, Trend, Johnsons, and Tridium systems – all of which can be controlled remotely from our state-of-the-art Energy Management Centre. We also have a national network of local offices ready to respond should you ever need an engineer to visit your site. Our Remote Optimal service is a precision energy management solution for all types of built environments. This innovative platform is comprised of three key parts – Insight, Assist, and Control – and is available as a fully managed service which gives you peace or mind that your built estate energy use is being proactively optimised and managed.


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