Providing insight into your energy usage enabling you to take full control of your energy strategy and accelerate your journey to net zero.

Historically, only the largest business energy consumers would be required to have half hourly meters recording electricity consumption at 48 half hour intervals. However, programmes such as P272 and the current Smart Meter Implementation Programme (SMIP) are enabling more consumers to have access to their half hourly data. Ofgem are working on transitioning the whole electricity market into half hourly settlement which will allow businesses to consolidate all their meters under a single half hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation (DC/DA). SSE has brought together a specialist team of half hourly market experts to help overcome the hidden cost of data aggregation your supplier appoints you by default. Our new Data Collection and Aggregation (DC/DA) service will manage the secure collection of Half Hourly data whilst providing accurate data to both customers and energy suppliers. This Elexon-approved service guarantees the accuracy of energy consumption measurement through data validation hence eliminating any potential invoicing or consumption discrepancies.

Many customers with half hourly supplies are unaware that they can choose their own provider for Data Collection and Data Aggregation services, in place of using their supplier’s default agent. By choosing your own agent, you can make significant savings, as well as access to our wider analytics services, as detailed below, to help you better understand and manage your energy consumption. You’ll also have the assurance that our personalised service will provide bespoke and independent consumption reports making your reconciliation process more efficient and accurate. By choosing SSE as your half hourly Data Collector and Data Aggregation, we can support your journey to net zero carbon emissions by ensuring the secure collection of accurate consumption data from your electricity meter and complementing this with analysis and insights that enable you to take full control of your energy strategy. Business Energy Intelligence To supplement our DC/DA service, our Business Energy Intelligence online energy management platform allows you to better understand and hence optimise your energy usage. Through remote data monitoring and access to a wide range of easy-to- navigate energy insight reports, you are able to drill down into the data, leading to quick identification of ways to improve carbon efficiencies and cost- effectiveness.

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