Whilst the warnings are stark and the world is on a non- sustainable pathway, climate emergencies have been declared across the globe and net zero targets have been set. But targets alone don’t drive progress. ACHIEVING NET ZER0 THE QUESTION IS ‘HOW’ NOT ‘IF’

The energy landscape The expansion of electric vehicle infrastructure, the uptake of renewable energy sources and the decarbonisation of heat requires smart management of the energy system to avoid grid constraints and ensure flexible capacity and delivery.

Businesses, policy makers and growing numbers of citizens are responding to the challenge of accelerating the pace of change required to meet those targets. The risks of not acting are enormous, but the rewards of success are equally large scale – we must ensure our day-to-day life is healthier, we are able use resources more efficiently and therefore can adapt to a more sustainable way of living. Smarter essential infrastructure Essential agents for change are sustainable sources of energy, smart management of energy utilisation, gigabit connectivity speeds for data rich insights, and safe, efficient, decarbonised transport networks. Across the public and private sectors conversations have shifted as we realise there are benefits to be gained from developing innovative solutions to how we generate, store, distribute and manage energy consumption at a more local level.

In short, the energy landscape is becoming increasingly complex.

Playing our part SSE Energy Solutions is playing a major part in the emergence of a user-led energy system that allows energy users themselves to play an active role in maintaining a low carbon, secure and affordable power system. Our Distributed Energy business teams adopt a Whole System approach by investing in, building and connecting your localised, flexible energy assets to accelerate your path to net zero and create a more resilient energy system for the long-term.

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