A choice of products to suit your budget and carbon targets: SSE Green Gas: 25% certified renewable gas backed by Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) or Biomethane Certificates (BMCs) and 75% carbon-neutral gas backed by carbon offsets 3 . We also pledge to plant one tree in the UK for every SSE Green Gas customer. SSE Green Gas Plus: 100% certified renewable gas backed by RGGOs or BMCs with independent verification by EcoAct 4 .

• 100% renewable electricity from our UK wind farms and hydro plants 1 . • Certified 100% renewable backed by Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin (REGOs). • Easy to report zero carbon emissions for electricity with independent verification by EcoAct, an Atos company. • Trace your power to a specific UK wind farm with SSE Next Generation or SSE Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. • Use a combination of named resources, dedicated assets and load control to ensure 100% renewable alignment


As pressure grows to deliver genuine sustainability, businesses need to go further towards net zero.

To ensure 100% alignment every half hour, we’re developing models that combine multiple customers into renewable communities which benefit from a diversity of load profiles. These communities will utilise shared solar and storage assets – whether behind the meter or elsewhere – which together with load control will ensure supply is 100% renewable from identified generation sources for every half hour of the day. So you can prove your commitment to action on climate change.

SSE’s Corporate PPAs can provide renewable electricity from dedicated SSE-owned assets whether in front of or behind your meter. We know the wind doesn’t always blow or the sun might not shine when you need power. Battery storage can help align renewable profile with your load profile to maximise use of identified renewable sources.

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