Technology and data drive the long-term performance of energy assets and deliver sustainable foundations that contributes to regional economic growth.

How SSE Energy Solutions can help At SSE Energy Solutions we invest in, build, own, operate and connect localised flexible infrastructure, and our whole system approach means, we can help at every stage of a development. Getting a new development project off the ground, whether its brownfield, greenfield or more industrial sites, can be a challenge if the site faces grid constraints even before construction can begin. Our expertise in localised grid systems and our private networks experience helps to plan for and secure resilient low-carbon power network. And that’s just the start. SSE has over 40 years’ experience in energy asset development and management for both public and private sector clients. Our Distributed Energy business delivers a wide range of energy services and is at the forefront in ensuring these solutions address the needs of a data driven, sustainable world including: distributed generation, energy storage, smart grids, energy trading, smart buildings, smart street lighting and EV charging — all helping to build the infrastructure backbone of smart cities and places.

The need for power infrastructure development never stops. Now with the focus firmly on low carbon development, working with energy partners experienced in overcoming grid constraints and with knowledge of emerging low carbon technologies is a key consideration for public sector planners and private developers alike. We see two common scenarios. Firstly, building a new development with a net zero infrastructure, and secondly decarbonising an existing high-value operation, and evolving it to become a net-zero one.

38 || Accelerating the net zero journey

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