Universities are advancing toward the goal of full carbon neutrality by 2050 at varying speeds, with some institutions pledging to be carbon neutral within the next ten years.

How SSE Energy Solutions can help There is significant room to accelerate both cost and carbon cutting in a Higher Education campus. Taking a joined-up approach and developing an integrated energy management strategy, we advocate a whole system approach encompassing three key pillars of action: • Reduce the carbon intensity of electricity consumed • Decarbonise heat • Increase efficiencies in buildings to reduce consumption. Tackling these smooths the path to net zero, and improves wellbeing for students and staff. With SSE as a partner you will benefit from our extensive resources, expertise and investment potential.

We understand that Higher Education organisations are caught in a dichotomy. They face increasing financial pressure; alongside simultaneous calls from students, and others, to invest in reducing carbon and achieving net-zero. The scenario is exacerbated by significant property costs for almost all Higher Education (H.E.) establishments - with energy costs averaging around 20% of property costs. Compounding this are ageing buildings and energy assets and infrastructure management, which in the sector represent 30% of energy infrastructure bills. Many Universities have seized the nettle, making net zero target commitments and are exploring ways to cut carbon and increase efficiencies.

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