We will bring long term investment to propel Industrial and Commercial clients on their net zero journey.

Government modelling shows industry will need to decarbonise by two thirds by 2035 and by 90% to reach 2050 net zero goals. We also know energy costs are increasingly becoming a tense boardroom issue. Industrial and commercial businesses are caught between seemingly contradictory demands; growing, expanding, modernising and increasing output – while cutting operational costs and reducing carbon output or de-carbonising totally. And to do it in a way that negates ‘brown out’ power restrictions that can cost millions. How SSE Energy Solutions can help Our experience shows it’s possible. And using our whole system approach to take a united view of your portfolio, and implement digital platforms to optimise all energy across your site, or sites, means going green and cutting costs go hand in hand.

This whole system approach takes both a macro and micro view of your scenario and allows for a modular approach to old and new technology. But what it also sometimes finds is that solutions can go beyond a specific company, and into the local area. In these cases, we can work with businesses to increase collaboration within and between industry to create geographic clusters that put in place plans that allow change at scale - with shared risk and resources. Any and all change though needs funding from somewhere. And we’re able to provide a capital injection by acquiring ageing assets and infrastructure from businesses, and then investing in new infrastructure for you. Or by offering Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (CPPAs). Whatever it takes to help you get your journey moving on the right path. • Provide end-to-end asset management and network planning to reduce your non-core operational costs • Optimise your energy consumption by implementing portfolio aggregation and optimisation using unique analysis tools through our technology platform • Implement SMART controls with self-healing to improve energy control and network resilience • Invest in new on-site generation and distributed energy solutions to drive towards carbon neutrality.


• Lower your energy costs through developing and implementing comprehensive energy reduction programmes • Improve your supply resilience by investing in and installing improved and upgraded technology • Reduce your supply risk by adopting and managing your network safely and to an agreed programme • Improve stability of your long-term energy needs through agreed value for money indices • Reduce your energy-related costs by simplifying your supply chain

42 || Accelerating the net zero journey

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