Our approach creates a more resilient and sustainable energy system by investing in, building and connecting localised flexible infrastructure, using technology and data analytics to drive the long-term performance of your energy assets in the most cost-effective manner. I can think of no better example of that than our ‘PIRI’ project in Peterborough which has the potential to be the largest smart city-wide energy system in the UK. Smartening up the energy system Enabling existing energy assets to become ‘smart’ can hugely support cities as well as businesses to deliver substantial efficiencies, cost benefits and reduce emissions. In partnership with a major technology company, we have developed SSE Enhance, an innovative ‘Energy as a Service’ platform that enables owners of energy assets and flexible energy load to generate revenue by allowing third party control of these at agreed times. We are also developing other digital platforms across cities, places and buildings which utilise smart sensors and devices to enhance knowledge and provide smarter environments, driving decarbonisation and improving experience. Illustrative capabilities include monitoring of weather, noise, flooding, traffic, footfall and air quality, street lighting control, and optimisation of building energy and comfort. Since the 2050 Net Zero target was set, we have all experienced the impact of the global pandemic. Our Government is driving investment in infrastructure to both stimulate the economic recovery from Covid-19 and help address the climate emergency. Welcome measures to link the Government’s net zero and levelling up ambitions include the Net Zero Strategy, the Heating and Buildings Strategy, and the Transport Decarbonisation Plan. The establishment of eight Freeports and the Public Sector Decarbonisation Scheme will both support regional economic and low carbon growth. Other welcome measures include the establishment of the UK Infrastructure Bank which will provide financing support to private sector and local authority infrastructure projects across the UK. In addition to deploying £12 billion of equity and debt capital the bank will also be able to issue up to £10 billion of guarantees.

This is expected to support a further £40bn of private investment. Time to accelerate the pace of change So, the time is right to accelerate our pace in tackling the climate emergency. Navigating that pathway may not be straightforward but by working in partnership across the public and private sector to develop localised innovative energy solutions, I believe exciting opportunities will open up and the Net Zero goal will be within sight.

On the following pages you will find an overview of how we see opportunities in some key market sectors,

as well as a brief glimpse into the distributed energy solutions that we can help you with.

What’s more, we want to be fellow investors along the way, and we look forward to partnering with you on your particular journey to Net Zero.

Nathan Sanders Managing Director


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